ICU Bags

Providing help to families in need

Our Foundation provides local hospitals with ICU bags filled with helpful hints, comforting items, and plenty of TLC for families who suddenly find themselves facing a severe TBI. Our bags are packed with encouragement, helpful hints, and soothing salves to help guide families through their first few days in the ICU. We also offer help and support for when a patient is released.

Our Team Delivering ICU Bags to Scripps Hospita:


Cheyne’s Brain provides ICU Care Packages for families who find themselves thrust into the TBI world. Below is a note from the administration of Scripps Hospital in Encinitas, CA , one of our partner hospitals distributing the packages.

“As you know, when families arrive to find out that their family member is critically injured they are scared and need support. The Trauma Service has provided 30 ICU comfort bags through the awesome donation from the Cheyne’s Brain Foundation. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Families have stated to us that the supplies and information are so comforting and so thoughtful. "They have thought about everything you can possibly need." "The blankets and supplies are just what I needed please thank them for us." "You don't even know what to ask for when people ask you what you need and they just knew." I've been in several hospitals and never had anything so special, wish I had that when my dad was in the ICU." "I like the information that was provided and the Book on Mindfulness." "I used the oils on myself and my daughter and love that the hospital encourages alternative healing options." "The notebook to write questions and my thoughts down was awesome especially since it;s hard to put my thoughts together." As a Trauma Social Worker I understand the importance of taking care of the families emotional and physical needs and these comfort bags do that and we would love to continue to provide them to all of our Traumatic Brain Injured Patients families.

Let me know if you need other information. We love seeing the response of families when we can offer this service.”

Stacee Feiler-Blakey, LCSW